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Xulon’s Goal

The goal of Xulon Floors is to become the “automatic Referral” that comes out of anybody’s mouth when they are asked about their hardwood flooring. We started our business to offer pure excellence in customer service and quality of workmanship. Our job is not done until the customer is happy. Using the old cliche that you are only as good as your last job, really is how we are able to focus on the task at hand and drive our business into high demand. This will benefit us as well as any customer who elects to use us as their flooring installation or refinishing professional. We are a Christian company that is focused on treating everyone as we would like to be treated, and would like our time at your project to reflect the true love of Jesus Christ. I know it may be dangerous in today’s world to make a proclamation like that, but that is what we strive to do! If you want our best work, and our best service, throughout your dealings with us, you will always get just that, no matter who you are! We would love the opportunity to prove our previous statements to be true. Call us any time for a free estimate or consultation. May the Lord bless you on your search for a flooring professional.

Hardwood Flooring Expertise

     At Xulon we employ the timeless basics as a foundation and have worked to hone our craft through continued learning and research into new products, trends, and methods that can add to the beauty and lifespan of your flooring. If you have the desire for new hardwood floors, or would like your existing hardwood to come back to life, we know how to make it happen. The time we have spent working with many different flooring companies has exposed us to many different ways of doing things, we have chosen the most effective methods and combined them into our own system that yields top notch results… EVERY TIME!

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