Engineered Wood Refinish

Engineered hardwood is different from solid hardwood in that it is real wood, but only on its top layer. Engineered wood is designed to be glued down to concrete foundations, especially where moisture could be an issue. Solid wood flooring should never be glued down to concrete, because it reacts harshly to moisture of any kind. It is a safe bet that if your subfloor is concrete, then you most likely have an engineered hardwood floor.

The good news is that depending on the thickness of your “wear layer” (this is the topmost layer of your planks, the portion of your wood that can be beautified) we can actually sand and refinish, even recolor, your engineered flooring. This is doable for most mid to high end engineered floors. The low end of engineered flooring is “low end” because the thickness of your wear layer is very thin and is never meant to be refinished. Because of the costs saved in actual hardwood used the flooring can be made and sold for less. Some higher end floors have a substantial wear layer that can be sanded to bare wood two, and in rare cases, even three times.

Sanding engineered flooring is a specialty all its own. The added factor of a wear layer adds another element to the entire process. This is a process which you definitely want to hire a professional, and not just anyone who can sand, someone with experience with the engineered sanding process. If sanded to hard, you will be left with the under-layers of your wood being exposed. This is bad because the layer below your wear layer has its grain running opposite your top layer, not to mention the fact that those layers underneath are for all intents and purposes just plywood. If sanded too lightly, the factory finish and colors may remain, and the staining and finishing process will leave you with a spotted floor. This happens because the stain that is to be applied by your refinisher will not penetrate the factory finish that is left behind, and instead will leave the old color and finish where you wanted to have new color and finish. This is a delicate yet laborious process to say the least!!

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