Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Sanding and refinishing is quite often the perfect solution to repairing aging, beat up, or damaged hardwood floors. Most if not all imperfections are removed through vigorous sanding with specialized machines and many different kinds of abrasive sandpapers. A new color, sealer, and topcoat are applied per the customers preference.

Engineered hardwood flooring is one solution to the concrete slabs that we now use in almost all new construction. You cannot glue down solid wood because it is too vulnerable to changes in climate, especially any moisture that may come up through the ground. This flooring is constructed with a plywood sub-structure, and over-lain with a real wood veneer that varies in thickness. This causes problems for refinishing because it is possible to sand through the veneer and thus expose the plywood underneath. The utmost care is need on a project that attempts to sand engineered wood. Luckily for this homeowner, this engineered wood was unfinished, and was therefore able to be lightly sanded with less aggressive machines in preparation for staining and finishing.


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