Solid Wood Refinish

Hardwood flooring is one of the most renewable materials in construction. For years, those in the hardwood flooring manufacturing industry have planted two trees when they have harvested one. This alone is a fantastic ratio that is good for the environment as well as the future of the industry as a whole. It doesnt get much greener than recycling the floor you already have!

Through the years flooring has changed to meet the styles of the current times, from width and length of boards, and from dark and light colored wood, to hand distressed and hand stained woods. Each of these changes is available at the point of sale, or achievable through a refinishing process. Modern hardwoods are manufactured, stained, distressed, and finished in factories before they arrive in your home for acclamation and installation. However, solid wood flooring allows you the choice of whatever is in fashion at the time, and whatever comes into fashion in ten years, and again in twenty. Solid wood floors are and always will be the king. Engineered floors are fantastic, their finishes and mills have come miles from what they were at the beginning, and because of the science that goes into making them both structurally sound and damage resistant, they have the ability to provide the consumer with a beautiful floor for a number of years. On the other hand, solid wood floors can be refinished, stained, distressed, and modified to your liking almost infinitely.

Ask us about your existing wood floor, and we will be happy to turn what you have, into exactly what you want!!

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